Saturday, March 03, 2007

One week in and on the cusp of week two

The first week back has come and gone and it's head down.

Law and Medicine and the challenges of accountablity and ethics

week 2 seminar questions

1) There is merit in your client's claim but you have a strong aversion to him/her because
a) her/his case is against people that you like and respect,
b) you disapprove of her/his conduct in the matter or
c) she/he bullied you when you were at school

2) You really want this case. It will be good experience for you and the fees will be lucrative. Unfortunately, a) you are ignorant of the law and (b) you know that there is another lawyer available who will do a much better job than you at less cost to the client.

3) you are a medical practioner and your patient has asked you to attend to a gunshot wound which you believe was inflicted
a) in a gun battle between two rival criminal gangs or
b) in a domestic dispute in which one of the issues was child abuse by your patient.

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