Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time is an illusion- study time doubly so

Well I am technically on a break from my university studies and return next semester to face two subjects.

I have purchased a copy of a computer programme called store law and plan to become aquainted with the software through doing some study revision/preparation on the subjects of trusts and assignments and civil procedure.
While these are subjects that I will study next year and not next semester, they are both laiden with heaps of reading in a short space of time and complex fact scenarios in the cases to comprehend as well.

Also on the agenda is to get back into the habit of reading whith my scotopic sensory glasses ( Irlen's syndrome ) on.

I think my next post will be explaining a bit about how I was diagnosed and assessed with Irlen's Syndrome and the benefits of wearing coloured glasses when reading.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Highlighter Pens and reading cases IRAC

Hello Blog followers,
I havent written for some time. MY study path took a bit of a meandering track last year with little academic progress but completion of a course as a Housing Appeals Convenor - for Cooperative housing in South Australia.

Getting back into formal study though is proving to be a little bit of a challenge as i procastinate and find concentration difficult.

One thing i have done is ventured onto youtube where I came accross the Video Blog "Dom's Law Degree Blog"

Dominic gives lots of useful tips for students with dyslexia who are studying law and it is following in this vein that i now intend to practice and review my highlighter use skills when analysing case law for my studies.

Assessment Questions in my law degree fall into one of two types.
1.Essay Questions and
2. Problem Questions.

this year the subjects I am studying are Principles of Civil LItigation ( South AUstralian Jurisdiction) and Trusts and Assignments.

Both subjects have exams which will involve Problem Questions and is the perpartion for these in which i wish to improve my use of highlighter pens.

I have been to the shop and bought myself a new set of four highlighter pens and intend to analyse cases using them on the basis of the IRAC method- which is the same method I intend applying in my exams.

what is the IRAC method you may ask? more detail to come on that in the next installment.

a variation on IRAC i am thinking of using

Issue- what was the issue in the case
Application- what are the facts
Conclusion- the decision held in relation to a case- note dissenting judgments too