Friday, June 29, 2007

Liberty & Society Conference= Discrimination

There is to be a Conference called the Liberty & Society Conference, the orgainsers have limited access to the conference to people between the ages of 18-30, this is blatant age discrimination against mature age students.

Liberty and Society Bah humbug
age discrimination stinks!

I would really like to go to this conference and learn about classical liberalism, the progam looks interesting,

but the conference organisers wont accept aplications from students unless they are between the ages of 18 and 30.

its taken a lot of really hard effort in the face of much discrimination and ill health to get to law school and now that i am finally there i find discrimnatory organisations like this wont let me apply.

age discrimination stinks.
( i have dyslexia so sorry about the spelling and grammar mistakes)

what i want to know is why they dont want me there at this conference?
why dont they value the input of a student over 30 compared to a student under 30?

what actual charaterists/qualities separate the needs of students based on an arbitrary age limit?

so far the only one i can think of is length of life left on the planet and that stinks.
because on that basis all indigenous australians should be excluded too because they dont live long enough to contribute to society.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Footcare and Footware tips

Your foorwear is important in protecting you rfeet during activity and can play a large role in determining your foot health in the future.

Here are some tips about footwear and gederal footcare to keep in mind.


The ideal footwear should be lace-up, with absorbing sole(improtant these days because most of our walking surfaces are concrete based.)

Shoes such as sneakers, "Dr Martins" and similar are great, because they meet these criteria well.

Avoid shoes made of vinly, however as they are unable to pass moisture away from the skin and socks, causing the foot to become incredibly sweaty. This can lead to skin infections and will do little to enhance you love life, as the bacteria in these conditions also make your feet smell awful.

For summer/hot weather use, the "Reef Sandal" design of open toed shoes is generally good. as it provides protection for the foot with support from anke straps. Avoid thongs or the "massage sandal" for daily use as they afford little protection.

The most common complaints cause by footwear are:
*corns and calus (caused by tight or ill fitting shoes)
*ankle, KNee, hip and back pain (shoes too high or lack shock absorption)
*painful or ingrown toe nails(shoe too short, too shallow or too tight)

Looking After Your Feet
Feet need regular maintenace. Make sure that you keep them clean and protected in appropriate footwear.

Use Cream on your heals daily if you get dry or cracked hills( especially in summer).Some people find that using a pumice stone, or even fine sandpaper on healvily callused areas helaps to keep their feet comfortable